“Iwe ka Chilufya Tayali what you did yesterday should be your last time pantu ukaponoka”

Tayali who are you to start competing with our President? Am not happy with what you did yesterday, do you think our President has no rights to build a filing station? Whats wrong with him building a filing station using his money, please you can not finish what you have started, stop playing with fire, dont think you played a clear game, that time I was there I didnt just want to embarrass you because you are nothing.

The problem with you ka Tayali you dont move go to copperbelt and see where filing stations are located, intercity is populated go there just 20meters there is a filing station near zicas dont you see? Go to Evelyn hone college just less than 20meters there is a filing station less than 10meters there is a shopping mall levy now whats wrong with our president’s filing station in Jack?? Just because its for our President then you have gats to criticize my dear let it be your last time otherwise ukaponoka ifyo finefye nakweba just continue playing useless games with upnd kuno ku pf tulaponona last warning waumfwa..


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