Sylvia Masebo, the former Chongwe member of parliament, is being sidelined heavily by the opposition UPND to a point where her position as chairperson for mobilisation has almost been rendered irrelevant.

Ms Masebo, a once forceful member of the MMD where she was known as the “ever green” minister, has pulled back and is rarely seen attending UPND events.

It has been unearthed that this is because the party’s top leadership has on many occasions ignored her political advice and not given her room to fully discharge her duties as chairperson for mobilisation.

“She’s actually on the edge, but she’s stuck about what move to make next and this is somehow the end of her political career,” a senior official in the UPND has revealed.

Ms Masebo played an instrumental role in Michael Sata’s PF prior to the 2011 elections but her zeal for active politics seems to have waned after joining the UPND.

“A once vibrant politician in Sylvia Masebo has been finished just like that in the UPND. This is the biggest problem we have in our party; we destroy good politicians who come to join us. Look at ba GBM! He was frustrated until he left,” another senior party member has revealed.



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