MAY I draw your attention to the stories that have made headlines in some tabloids quoting Sylvia Masebo showering unpalatables on President Edgar Lungu, calling him a weak President.

We want to remind Sylvia Masebo that Zambians are not dull, they do not have a short memory and they are able to make sound moral judgement on individuals like Sylvia Masebo who is now in the opposition UPND and want to claim righteous or play smart.

We want to advise Sylvia Masebo to keep quiet because she has no moral right whastsoever to call President Lungu who has demonstrated undoubted commitment and sacrifice for Zambia as weak.

Everybody today knows that if there was a proper definition of a recycled and finished politician who wants to look relevant before the eyes of Zambians, it is Sylvia Masebo who has now sought refuge in the opposition UPND.

Masebo is just a frustrated soul who did nothing tangible for the people of Chongwe when she was a member of parliament and a full cabinet minister for many years.

These are the very people that brought confusion in the PF and were ejected because clearly there is no progressive ideas or ideologies that can come from politicians who have outlived their usefulness.

Zambians know very well that Masebo is just firing political blanks out of frustration and desperation when she calls President Lungu names because she is no longer relevant to the country’s political space or its dynamics. She is simply a political failure herself despite many higher opportunities accorded to her to serve.

Contrary to Masebo’s claims, Zambians know very well that President Lungu has demonstrated that he is a strong Republican President who has excecuted the functions of the Office of the President exceptionally well.

The people of Zambia know very well that even in terms of delivering development, President Lungu has set unprecedented record.

Even in Chongwe where Masebo comes from and where she failed to deliver the then much needed development for the people of Chongwe, President Lungu has delivered on her behalf.

It’s sheer lack of reason for anybody to try and ridicule a vibrant President before the well informed members of the public who knows President Lungu very well.

Even on issues of morality and national values, President Lungu has done exceprionally well. The firing of General Education Minister David Mabumba speaks volumes of this fact.

We can only appeal to Zambians to ignore frustrated and finished politicians like Masebo.

She is claiming that come what may, the UPND is forming government next year, how can they form government when we are beating them in by elections as proved by the outcome in their own areas they claim are their strongholds?

We had by-elections recently and the PF has grabbed 10 wards from the UPND strongholds. We want to remind Masebo to stop hallucinating because figures don’t lie.

Take for instance, We have won in Nakanya Ward in Western Province, Chabale Ward in Serenje, in Lobufu North Western, in Silumbi, Sesheke, Imusho in Sioma Western Province, Nangweshi Ward in Sioma, Katete Ward and in Nyoka in North Western Province.

With these progressive results, we want to urge Zambians not to pay attention to lies and misleading statements that the PF has lost popularity when we are getting stronger and popular by the day.

With Kind Regards, Kennedy Kamba
Provincal Secretary-Lusaka

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