…One Key determinant of Productivity is a healthy labour force…


Zambia’s Minister In-Charge of Health, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has stated that eradicating malaria in the nation will be a key economic investment as it will reduce the burden on the labour force of absentism due to the illness and death from Malaria which remains one of Zambia’s biggest health challenges.

Speaking on a panel of Health Ministers during a Malaria Meeting on the sidelines of the High level Malaria Elimination Conference in London, yesterday, Dr Chilufya stated that wiping out Malaria meant less cost on the health systems, less funerals and increased productivity.

” It is not cheap not to invest in Malaria. It will cost more in treating Malaria Patients, Funerals and will result in loss of Productivity. We therefore must agree as a collective that investing in health is a key Economic investment. And you are Speaking directly to Productivity.” He said .

And Dr Chilufya cited strong Leadership by His Excellency the Republican President of Zambia and Political will as one key factor which has strengthened Health systems in Zambia and which will aide in the total eradication of Malaria.

” So it is important as leaders in government that we Innovate to finance health care. This is the reason in Zambia, we have invested in the compulsory National Health Insurance System. It has passed the 3rd and final reading of Parliament.” He added.

He stated that Private Sector participation was key and hence they were bringing them on board to see how resources could be leveraged to finance Malaria Elimination.

He thanked DFID for supporting Zambia by investing in one Key Pillar of the Health Systems Module which was creating leaders at various levels in the Health Sector .

The Minister of Health Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has since left London for Istanbul in Turkey were he will attend a Health Congress as well as sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Co-operation in the Feild of Health between Zambia and Turkey.



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