Patriotic Front Youths in Mufulira are disappointed and discontent with the apparent statement made by Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo that the recently held Copperbelt Provincial elections were useless.

PF Mufulira Youth Chairman Victor Mithi notes as a senior Government official and member of the party, they expected the Lusaka Province Minister to have a tamed tongue and be an advocate of sound counsel and advice.

He said as the party, they are dismayed by such rhetoric which is tantamount to indiscipline of the highest order because the recent ended Copperbelt Provincial elections were handled by the Central Committee which is the highest organ of our party.

“The elections were officially opened by our Republican and Party President, His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who champions democracy and made it clear during his speech that the peoples voice should be respected.It therefore means that Hon. Lusambo is putting the party and Central Committee’s name into disrepute an offence which should not go unpunished”, Mr. Mithi said.

He said such frivolous attacks are unwarranted and only meant to misdirect the goodwill and reputation of PFs remarkable democracy which was exhibited at the just ended Copperbelt Provincial elections.

MAsr. Mithi said the youths believe in the voice of the people and hence the majority ushered in their preferred candidates and it is therefore prudent that the people’s will is accepted by all party officials regardless of stature whether in the party or government.

“We are aware of the sly innuendos targeted to the newly committee by forces with hidden agendas but we want to warn these forces that they should allow our newly elected committee to work within their confines and space because as youths we will not allow any negative force to deprive our elected officials the chance to perform within their mandate”, he added.

He has since asked Mr. Lusambo to tone down and accord the new executive committee the respect it deserves.

“We further advise the Kabushi law maker to do a self introspection and instead provide guidance in the divided Kabushi Constituency. We also call upon our party hierarchy to ensure that discipline is adhered to by everyone in the party regardless of their stature”, he said.



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