IT IS too early for anybody to be strategizing about who takes over the Patriotic Front party presidency from President Edgar Lungu, says party media committee member, Brian Hapunda.
Mr Hapunda said it was unfortunate revelations of clandestine campaigns to unseat President Lungu as party president when he was within his legal term of office as prescribed by the PF constitution.
He said all those supposed hopefuls should realise that there was a constitution in place which allowed for when campaigns should start as well as the period and expiry of a presidential tenure of office.
“It is unfortunate from the revelations that some PF members are already planning to unseat President Lungu as party president when we are just coming from an election,
“They must allow the President the carry out his mandate and complete his tenure of office and also support Government in all their programmes,” he said.
He was reacting to reports of clandestine campaigns initiated by some PF senior officials who had supposedly fallen out of favour with the current leadership.
He said there was a time for everything, and that it was not yet time for campaigns in the party or as in a republic.
“All those engaged in such activities are just wasting their time, because what they should be doing is work with the PF and support President Lungu in his development agenda for the benefit of Zambians,” he said.
He said even the constitution did not support such activities when there was a sitting President in office.



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