President Lungu

“…….I would rather sack you now for messing around and get people who can do the Job!”

By Staff

State House, Tuesday, January 22, (SMART EAGLES)

His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has called on all Permanent Secretaries and Ministers to work at realising the PF manifesto and deliver to the expectations of the people or risk being fired.

Speaking at State House, Tuesday, during the swearing in ceremony for Permanent Secretaries, President Lungu reiterated that he will not entertain an underperforming civil service .

“In 2021, the Zambian people will either hire or fire us depending on you. So I will not allow you or give you the privilege of messing around and getting me sacked! I would rather sack you now and get people who can do the job,” said the Head of State.

He has called on the Permanent Secretaries to work by the book and ensure to fulfil the promises to the people of Zambia as enshrined in both the party manifesto and the seventh national development plan.

“We have the promises we made to our people during the campaigns. These promises are enshrined in the ruling party’s manifesto and the seventh national sevelopment plan. I expect you to stick to these programs and ensure that we achieve in record time.”

Meanwhile, President Lungu has sworn in Ms Joyce Bwacha Nsamba, Mr Willies Manjimela and Mr Bernad Chomba as Permanent Secretaries for Muchinga, North Western and Central Provinces respectively. He has equally sworn in Mrs Mulalelo Kakulubelwa as PS responsible for Administration at Ministry of Health.

The Head of State has emphasised that he will not tolerate any form of frictions between Permanent Secretaries and Ministers as they are expected to work together towards the same goal.

“Several times, I have had to seat down, counsel and remind Ministers and their Permanent Secretaries to work together. I should therefore make it known that I will not tolerate anymore friction or confusion between ministers and Permanent Secretaries because you all are supposed to be working together as you are all sides of the same coin.

“The roles of both the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries are well defined. I therefore do not expect Permanent Secretaries to think they are bigger than the Minister.”



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