Lungu Takes a Dig at Hichilema Over Development

President Edgar Lungu says it is disgusting and immoral for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to suggest that government should take development only to places that voted for the PF in the last general elections.

Mr Hichilema told a radio station in Chama district that the Head of State was wasting too much time in North Western, Western and Southern provinces and spending money on projects in areas that did not vote for him (President Lungu).

These remarks have shocked President Lungu who said he expected Mr Hichilema to appreciate the spirit of One Zamhia, One Nation as he would take development anywhere in the country regardless of the people’s voting pattern.

“Yesterday, when flagging off the works on the Luwingu – Nsombo – Chaba – Chilubi road, I expressed disappointment with remarks by UPND leader, Mr Hakainde Hichilema that I was taking development to the regions where the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) did not get votes at the expense of those that voted us. Mr Hichilema issued a statement on radio in Chama district that I am wasting too much time in North Western, Western and Southern Province spending money and doing projects at the expense of the people who voted for me and therefore, they should vote for him and he will finish the projects,” President Lungu said.

“It was disgusting and immoral for him to issue such an irresponsible statement. I do not think a person worth his mind should talk like that. I expected him to appreciate that we are One Zambia, One Nation.”

He said it was the desire of his government to see that the whole nation is developed.

“It is my government’s desire to see the whole nation develop because all the people in the regions were Zambians. But for him to tell people in areas where we got our votes to say you are wasting time having voted for Lungu because he will not finish the Chinsali – Chama road, that was indecent and immoral. It is cheap.”

He said Mr Hichilema would have been the first one to complain if the government just concentrated on taking development only to the PF strongholds.

“I should reechoe that we remain determined to develop all parts of our nation without leaving anyone behind,” President Lungu said.

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