Law professor Michelo Hansungule has charged that the two PF Ministers, Given Lubinda in charge of Justice Ministry and his Home Affairs counterpart Stephen Kampyongo do not qualify for the positions.

Prof. Hansungule a Zambian based at Pretoria University has also charged that the current Constitution amendments the PF is pushing are illegal and unconstitutional.

Prof. Hansungule stated this in a detailed statement where he has also asked Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini to give him an opportunity in the house to face the two Ministers.

On the National Assembly website (, Minister Lubinda’s lists his qualifications as:
Certificate Strategic Planning
Certificate in Natural Resources Management
Diploma in Agricultural Business Management
Form V

Probably due to his diploma and certificates in agriculture, he served as minister of agriculture prior to his current appointment.
His counterpart at Home Affairs Stephen Kapyongo on the same National Assembly website listed his profession and qualifications as:
Information Manager
Educational Qualification:
Certificate in Business Administration

GCE OZimco Institute of Management – Higher Diploma IMIS
Before he became Minister of Home Affairs, Kapyongo served as Minister of Local Government and prior to that deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President.
Given the enormity of their responsibilities i.e. overseeing the country’s justice, law and order portfolios, the two are by any stretch of imagination incredibly unqualified to even pretend to run such key departments. Someone with the huge task to administer and control justice in the whole country lacks even the most modesty qualification in justice.

Minister Lubinda took over the justice portfolio from highly qualified professor of law and former Dean of the School of Law Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula who has since been ‘exiled’ to Washington as Zambia’s permanent representative. Such strange things only happen in politics.”



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