The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) is expected to commence the implementation of the ‘Proudly Zambian’ Campaign to promote locally produced products on the local, regional and international markets. ZAM chief executive officer Chipego Zulu explained that the campaign was a programme that the association would be implementing on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry with the aim of promoting the consumption of locally produced products.

Zulu said ZAM was spearheading the campaign to ensure Zambian products were of high quality, meet certain standards and bought locally as well as at regional and international markets. The project will be implementation once the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) IS signed with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

She said the products would now have a quality assurance mark which was the ‘Proudly Zambian’ logo to serve as and provide consumers with the measure that the products they were buying were of high quality and met certain standards. Zulu said the association was also promoting a different perspective of competitive behaviour of among the manufacturers which pushes the national pride and ensures that consumers begun to see the business of buying products as something that could promote national development.

In terms of penetrating the market, Zulu said local produced products had started penetrating the domestic market with a number of products that were very easily recognisable as Zambian on the market. She said the association’s move going forward was to enhance this message to ensure that people were able to easily identify what was made locally and what was contributing to national development.

“We have seen the products begin to penetrate the domestic market more aggressively and our expectation is that we will enhance the penetration not only on the domestic market but also regional and international markets as well.”



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