Let’s Take Advantage Of Our Excess In Kits And Register All Those With NRC’s In Our UPND Strongholds – Hazuukule

“I HAVE never seen a voter registration program so poorly managed as the one currently ongoing. We are within the game to beat the PF pants down, let’s mobilize our voters to register in huge numbers.

There is one thing I have noticed Comrades. It’s possible to register multiple times. Ask Comrade Liswaniso he will explain further.

The biggest advantage is that you can register from anywhere and just tell them your preferred polling station. For instance, you can register at Civic Center and tell them you are voting from Mandevu Constituency and then go to another registration Center eg Unza and tell them you are voting from Matero Constituency. Simple isnt it?

When voting comes you just have to move from one polling station to another. Some of you may be asking about how we will deal with the indelible ink on our nails or thumbs after voting, well, that’s a simple issue, we did it before in 2016 so don’t worry about that. Just go register at different registration centers.

Remember to share your voters cards after registering in this group. Each member in here should have at least 5 voters cards.

Spread the word and remember this message is strictly confidential.”

Vincent Hazuukule

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