Let NGOS, Clerics Show Leadership Over Missing Hatembo – Nawakwi

VOCAL NGOs and clerics must speak out over the missing Hatembo siblings who last week missed the funeral of their brother, Conwell, FDD president Edith Nawakwi has said.

Ms Nawakwi said it was disheartening that Pheluna and her brother, Milton even missed the funeral of their blood brother.

She said most NGOs and some known clergy had been vocal but wondered why they were quiet on the abduction of the Hatembo siblings.

Ms Nawakwi said an interview the fact that Pheluna left a sick daughter, Nasilele without proper help should have triggered quick action from the NGOs.

Edith Nawakwi
She said some clergy were quick to make political statements yet mute on a humane matter like the Hatembos’ abduction.

Ms Nawakwi challenged vocal NGOs and the clergy to speak out on the abduction of the two members of the Hatembo family.

“This is the time when we should hear these vocal NGOs and some known clergy to speak out. They should think about Nasilele and the fact that these siblings even missed the funeral of their own brother Conwell last week,” she said.

Ms Nawakwi wondered how vocal NGOs and clergymen celebrated their Easter knowing very well they ignored a noble task required of them.

And Ms Nawakwi said individuals who had more to gain from the disappearance of the Hatembos should also be questioned.

She said most of the suspects who had so far been rounded up over the abduction had one big thing in common.

Ms Nawakwi said there should not be sacred cows in the investigations of the Hatembos’ disappearance if the culprits were to be fished out quickly.

It has been over two months since the Hatembo family disappeared.

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