Editorial Comment

It is shocking that United Party for National Development –UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is today giving unsolicited advice to the government of Edgar Lungu on how the issue concerning Konkola Copper Mines must be handled.

Hakainde is the least of those who should utter any word, over the proceedings in this issue because he has no moral right to do so. We say this because, it is hard to point at the link between Hakainde’s advice and the interest of the people, over this issue.

We all know that often times than not, Hakainde never represents any interest of the people over issues to do with the mines in our country. Whenever government is in a deadlock with the mines, Hakainde has always taken the sides of the so-called investors, and in particular his friends who have interests in the mining sector.

This is someone who has no shame whatsoever to vouch for the welcome of Anglo-American, an evil capitalist mining organization that has left families destitute in this country before.

We all know how this Anglo-American abandoned miners in 2002 when the person they were bankrolling, late Anderson Mazoka lost the 2001 election to late Levy Mwanawasa. It is this same Anglo-American that Hakainde so dearly loves and wishes was the one running mines in this country that initiated the problems surrounding KCM today.

Of course, from a rational perspective, Vedanta was and is not the best investor there is, for any government to engage with. But due to the impeding job losses that the miners faced after Anglo-American abandon this country in 2002, Levy had no much choices but to accept the evil of Vedanta to save the jobs that our people on the Copperbelt so badly needed.

This is where KCM was sold for partly $25 million only.

We cannot separate UPND entirely, including Anderson and his son Hakainde from the happenings of KCM because, the problems or rather these challenges are a proximate cause of the duplicity of these hungry and bloody capitalists. This is where we say Hakainde has no moral right to even say anything about this issue because he is part of the crimes committed in the equation.

This is someone who has failed on the scale of morality to point to any thing that he has done for this country , in the interest of the people. This someone who has big difficulties to explain himself, and the role he played in the plunder of this country’s national resources during privatization.

Is this someone who should be allowed to give anyone advice on how the issues concerning KCM should be handled?
The answer is categorical no.

Let Hakainde relax, and watch from terraces because his advice is unwelcome. We say this not to robe Hakainde his right as a citizen to add his voice on national matters. But even as we want as many people to exercise their constitutional right, we must not fail to use the moral campus to weigh who is fit to render any advice on topical matters.


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