Patriotic Front Media Team member and losing aspiring candidate for adoption under PF in the forthcoming by-election in Roan Constituency, Lengwe Cornelius Bwalya has predicted a landslide victory for the ruling PF.

Lengwe who spoke from Lusaka today ahead the filing in of nomination papers for PF candidate Joel Chibuye said that the imaginations and illusions of Kambwili about his son winning the Roan Constituency by-election will soon come to an end come 11 th April, 2019 when the people of Roan go to the polls.

The people of Roan are very enlightened and aware of Kambwili’s gimmicks and manoeuvres such that they can not be cheated any more.

” The man has been in that seat since 2006 and little to nothing stands to show where CDF was going except for him turning social amenities and public recreational facilities into his bars or his personal plots” Lengwe said

The people of Roan are desperate for change and they know well enough that only a credible man in one Joel Chibuye can set them on that development trajectory they so much desire.

As a party, the PF under the great leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Secretary General, Mr Davies Mwila have done a thorough search in giving the people of Roan a candidate that they are sure of working with to bring development to Roan.

It is therefore my enerst appeal to the people of Roan to vote for Code Joel Chibuye come the 11th of April. As a former aspiring candidate for adoption under the PF, I continue to offer solidarity to Cde Chibuye as our candidate to in Roan.



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