“It’s a scheme designed to cause fear among judges and undermine the independence of the Judiciary”

Lusaka- Wednesday 13th June 2018

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ)has dismissed online newspaper allegations against Supreme Court Judges and private lawyers.

In a statement issued by the Council of LAZ, LAZ has exposed the attack as an action designed to interfere with the proper and fair administration of Justice in Zambia.

LAZ has also stated that the action is intended to cause fear and impede the independence of Judges.

LAZ further states that the action was designed to undermine the duty that a lawyer has to his clients.

LAZ also advised that those alleging bias and incompetence risked being cited for contempt.

He said this is meant to protect the integrity, reputation, independence and unbiase standing of the court.

LAZ has also explained that if allegations of impropriety existed they should be forwarded to the Legal Practioners Committee or should be reported to law enforcement agencies.

Online media have been reporting allegations of corruption against three judges of the Supreme Court that dismissed the case of Savenda and Stanbic.

A lower court had awarded $20million to Savenda for being reported to the Credit Bureau.

Savenda claimed this action denied him business opportunities.

But the Supreme Court dismissed the case as Savendah were listed in the Creditors Burea for failure to pay their overdrafts, loans and other debt commitments.

And LAZ has stated that the judgement passed by a 3-man panel Court was a judgement of the entire Supreme Court Bench of 13 Judges.

The online reports claim that senior lawyer, Eric Silwamba SC, bribed the three panel judges to obtain a favourable judgement.



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