SESHEKE. Monday, February 4th, 2019.

True to its traditional winning formula, the ruling party has yet again employed it effective Pro Poor campaign strategy to ensure that it gets maximum votes from the lowest levels in the Sesheke by elections.

As February 12th draws ever so close, while their counterparts the UPND continue to make noise in the streets with their elite cars, the PF on the other hand is busy taking the game to the grassroots explaining its developmental agenda to the people door to door.

With the campaigns having received a boast from seasoned political masterminds like Southern Province Chairman MCC Lawrence Evans, Western Province Vice Youth Chairman Glenn Kalimbwa among others, victory is certain for PF Candidate Dean Masule.

Yesterday, Mulimambango ward was a hive of activities which every meeting receiving a great turnout.

Contrary to fake rumors propagated by his enemies, the candidature of Dean Masule is circumscribed in excitement and hope for better things to come. This is evidenced in the way people mob around any meeting organized by the Patriotic front foot soldiers, children too aren’t left out, mothers with babies too brave the heat!

The message is loud a clear; development now with the Patriotic Front headed by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu through his son Dean Masule.

The people of Sesheke Constituency go to the polls on 12th February to elect a new representative following the demise of Hon Frank Kufakwandi late last year.


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