KK’s family up in arms with Lusambo

…calls on President Lungu to whip him into line

The country’s founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s family has is up in arms with Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusambo for undermining their integrity, reports a local publication.

The family is demanding an apology from the Minister.

The family has called on President Edgar Lungu to call Lusambo to order for disrespecting the office of the President.

Lusambo last week accused Dr Kaunda’s family, singled out Colonel Panji and Kaweche and their other brothers of being frustrated, saying they lost an opportunity to make money and better their lives when their father Dr Kaunda was president for 27 years.

Lusambo’s statement followed Colonel Panji’s letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to institute investigations into the source of income for President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila who paid K2 million cash to purchase 600 hectares of farm land from Reverend Ben Zulu.

In his defense for Tasila, Lusambo said K2 million was nothing because such an amount can be used just for shopping.

He described Dr Kaunda’s family as frustrated and missed a golden opportunity to amass wealth when their father served as Republican president for more than two decades.

“Those are frustrated guys, they missed their opportunity in 27 years when their father was president. They would have also managed to put their lives in order.

“You can’t be a son to the President for 27 years and you find yourself in that situation, which means your brain doesn’t work well,” Lusambo said.

“President Kaunda was the president for 27 years, 27 solid years. Panji Kaunda, those big boys, they used to be big boys and they were supposed to put their lives in order, so whatever things which you have seen from Panji Kaunda those are frustrations.”

He said only dishonest and greedy children with criminal and thieving minds would take advantage of their parent’s political position to steal from fellow citizens.

“If we had been thieves and stolen, the people of Zambia would have been left with nothing. Look around Africa, not far! Look around African what happened. Some families have been in office and owned the whole country. We could have done that.

“Our father had more power, and we could have easily done that. But we couldn’t because we respected what our father was doing for the country and the region. God help us! If Bowman’s father would ever have been president; God help the people of Zambia what would have happened,” he imagined.

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