A clergyman has called on authorities and the clergy in Zambia to uphold God’s law which promotes marital sex exclusively in marriage as opposed to same-sex relationship which is being championed in some countries.

Speaking at the launch of The Chreso Story book at Chreso Ministries Centre in Lusaka yesterday, Reverend Helmut Reutter insisted that God’s law concerning sex, including homosexuality, should overrule any man-made law.

Rev Reutter said there was no superior authority above God’s law on sexuality.
‘No government in the world has the right to change God’s programme concerning marriage which was designed for a married couple,” he said.
He challenged the clergy in Zambia not only to preach the Gospel that addresses man’s spiritual side but also to deal with man’s physical side by engaging in health projects like the fight against HIV.

He said while he believed in faith healing, he knew that administering of medicine, especially for people living positively with HIV, should also be encouraged to heal the sick.

“In the Bible, the Apostle Paul was always in the presence of physicians because he knew the importance of combining spirituality and actual healing of the sick,” he said.

Chreso Ministries, that was started in the early 90s in Lusaka, has contributed massively in projects in the health sector, education and social responsibilities.

The launch of the book The Chreso Story chronicles the work of the ministry that was started by Pastor Reutter and his wife Esther when the couple first came to Zambia from Germany.



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