Kelvin Bwalya Fube

By Staff Reporter

PROMINENT Lusaka lawyer Kabwe Bwalya Fube popularly known as KBF says he will represent for free the PF cadres who are detained in police custody for exposing the corruption involved in the Mukula scam.

KBF says when the police launched a manhunt against the youths who intercepted the Mukula scam, he took them to Lusaka Central Police voluntarily because he doesn’t want them to be fugitives of the law.

And Fube says he will represent the youths in court fro free because they can’t afford legal fees.

The PF youths believed to be of another faction within the party felt sidelined in the Mukula scam where others linked to State House have continued to deal on the banned tree yet others are arrested.

There is currently a fued among PF members in the illegal exporting of Mukula despite that government issued a ban of the lucrative tree.

So far Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Political Advisor to President Lungu Kaizer Zulu, Jean Kapata as well as other unknown senior PF officials have been implicated in the export of Mukula to China under a guise that it’s ZAFICO doing so when in fact not.

The Court of Public Opinion believes that President Lungu is at the center of the thuggery in the Mukula scam where trucks ladden with the banned tree are exported to China by government officials when everyone else is not allowed.

Currently, the intercepted trucks have been escorted to Chirundu by an armed team of soldiers from Arakan Ballacks.

When the trucks were intercepted, government officials claimed it was UPND cadres in a joint of operation with PF cadres that halted the trucks in Kafue’s Shimabala area.



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