Opts to Vote for Bill 10, the people of Roan are happy with Bill 10


ROAN Constituency member of parliament Joseph Chishala says the people he represents are happy with the Bill 10.

Chishala, Chishimba Kambwili’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) only parliament representative despite threats from Kambwili chose to stay and support the Bill as it was presented for second reading last Tuesday.

The NDC along with the UPND have been opposed to the bill.

NDC president Chishimba Kambwili had instructed Chishala to walk out on the bill, but the legislator defied the orders.

Chishala has gone on and justified his support for the bill at a press conference in Lusaka yesterday.

Chishala said he defied NDC position because the people of Roan were happy with Bill 10.

He vowed to remain a member of the NDC despite ignoring the party’s stance on the bill.

“Therefore, whatever move l make in parliament, l make it for the sake of Roan. My stay in parliament, l will always do it for the benefit of the people of Roan. There was no need for me to walkout. I want to assure the nation and the the people of Roan that l will never walkout of parliament at all cost,” said Chishala.

“I would rather fight within inside than to walkout. To me, l don’t see any sense of walking out. The people of Roan voted for me to debate in the house not to walk out. I don’t see. how I will formulate the laws outside parliament.”
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