National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili was last late night rushed to UTH by prison officials.

It is said that Kambwili begun experiencing difficulties with breathing around 15hrs and that his condition worsened around 20hrs therefore, forcing prison officials to take him to UTH.

“He (Kambwili) was taken around 20hrs to UTH and I think after about two to three hours he was back in prison. From what I have been briefed after it was observed that he was having breathing problems permission sort from someone in higher authorities who called state house and it was approved. So am not privy of every detail but I can confirm that he was taken to UTH and attended to by a senior doctor”

The NDC leader was found gilty by Magistrate David Simusamba for forgery and altering documents after which he was sentenced to 12 months in prison, on each account.

In mitigation, Kambwili’ lawyer Musa Mwenya told the Magistrate that Kambwili had serious high level of High Blood pressure and that he depends on a sleeping machine.

Yesterday, media reports suggested that the NDC leader had made a request for a genset while in prison because he needs it to electrify his sleeping machine that he uses at night.

Source: Bantu


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