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First of all, Kwacha Times is happy that Kambwili has been sent to prison.

Secondly, we are running out of patience with how slow the wheel of justice are turning in imminent criminal cases of Hakainde Hichilema where he failed to declare interest in the Privatisation scandal.

Thirdly, those who do not want to read anything on Kwacha Times, must hit the unfollow and unlike button. They can go surfe news on other discredited platforms like Zambian Watchdog and Koswe where, half truths are reported to soothe their demons.KT is not a platform that will make your demons happy.

We join those who celebrate Chishimba’s conviction in the criminal cases he faced not because we hate him. We have no right to hate Chishimba or indeed anyone and that, isn’t our business.

Our celebration is based on principle.

While most people may not know, Kambwili has little or no regard for laws. While he was Minister and was enjoying the powers that come with working in government, he committed many criminal cases using his position. We do remember vividly how Chishimba would call the Human Resource Director at ZESCO to direct that employment for his relatives is created. Kambwili did this while he was the PF Youth National Chairperson, and pretended that those whom he got employed in government institutions where from the Patriotic Front (PF).

Further, Chishimba swepted all businesses in public institutions using his power as Minister. He literally had no regard for any law. Probably, courts and prison where never any consideration for him.

Today, Chishimba and a handful of his minions are crying foul over the judgment which saw him sent to prison.

To be honest, we are not happy with Magistrate David Simusamba for giving Chishimba only 2 years. He deserved more. But we can sympathize with David. Throughout trial, Chishimba and his string of idiots have been maligning David telling lies about him. They knew that the case they faced was going to take Chishimba to prison and they intended to stop the wheels of justice by undermining whoever was handling the case.

We are sure that if that cases was before any Magistrate other than David, that person would have been accused of being corrupt and compromised. To Chishimba and his friends, any Magistrate who hears their cases is corrupt and compromised.

We are not surprised that David is being accused of all these false things. Chishimba knew very well that he belongs to prison and his only survival chance was to accuse David of being corrupt so that he delays his justice. As they say, justice delayed is justice denied.

From all this, we can tell that Chishimba has no respect for anyone. He carries himself like the most important person in Zambia who is immune to law and justice and someone who can’t be wrong.

Look at the unkind, unfounded insults they have heaped on the ECZ boss Nshindano! Day in, day out, Chishimba and is friends are insulting ECZ that it is rigging elections for PF. Yet, they still take part in the elections organised by an institution which they want to have us believe is corrupt. Further, Chishimba and his friends have heaped loads on insults against the judiciary of Zambia. Today, it is this same judiciary which they’re going to, to apleal against Chishimba’s sentence. Why? Why even waste time to appeal to an institution which you always say serves the interest of President Edgar Lungu?

Therein lies the answer.

Chishimba and his friends do not mean what they say. When you hear them insult the Judiciary, the ECZ, the Executive or indeed the President and the Presidency, they do so for expediency and not because what they say is any true.

We await to see how the High Court will treat Chishimba after he persistently insulted them

From what we know, if High Court overtuns David’s decision to send Chishimba to prison, what sort of confidence will the people have in our judicial system? We leave to the Judiciary to answer.

However, we would like to appeal to the law enforcement and President Edgar Lungu to hastily conclude on Hakainde Hichilema over his role in Privatisation.

We are sure that just like Chishimba, Hakainde belongs to jail when his privatisation theivery is concluded.

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