My journey- Naviley Bangwe

In first year at Evelyn Hone, I used to walk to gather news, write and cast it on Hone FM. Joe Nkaadani convinced Mr. Clayson Hamasaka, then Station Manager, to put me on salary.

I felt so motivated with the 500 Kwacha salary that I now started walking longer distances to look for news.

I was at Civic Centre when QFM’s DJ O.J called to say I replace Chanda Mutuna who had moved to the BBC. At QFM, Jessy Nyama convinced Mr. Moses Nyama that I could do a lot if I had a car. So during the day I used to be in class and look for news usiku with a Corolla nicely branded QFM. That was my second year.

In my third year, Costa Mwansa met me the day He was promoted that I join his team to rejuvenate Muvi TV Newsroom. He doubled my salary upon graduating as Best Student.

Costa sent me to the newly opened Muvi TV Bureau where I ran my race. At one point, State House called that I cover President Rupiah Banda in S.A which I gladly executed.

Upon winning 15 Media Awards in 5 years, I applied to work for ZNBC. Muvi TV heard about this and I was fired. 2 weeks later taken up by ZNBC. First salary I bought camera, second salary laptop and got a loan to buy a Car for field work because I wanted my own equipment to do company work despite the institution having its own. This helped me to excel as I did more stories per day.

The 4 years at ZNBC has been exciting.

Chaoneka monga battery ya Phone yasila, story to be continued but buy Kolwe Akota album from any Sounds Store.


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