By Dr. Joze Manda.

Each time Zambians are in pain, Mr. Hichilema sees it as an opportunity to mock us, his patriotism to this nation leaves much to be desired. Why does he celebrate Zambia’s problems? And what did we do to this man to deserve such kind of bitterness from an opposition leader?

Mr. Hichilema’s hunger for political power and desperation to usurp it from the PF has now reached a very disturbing level. In the midst of a national Coronavirus crisis the country is faced with, he is busy politicking and talking about Bill 10 when his concern must be the safety and health of the citizens he so desperately wants to rule over.

If there was any doubt in the minds of any Zambian, today that doubt has been cleared as he has clearly exposed his unpatriotic behavior as well as his selfishness to gain political mileage on the suffering of many Zambians.

Yes, we have challenges as a country, we all know that, some are local and but the major ones are global and beyond our reach. The US and China trade wars have not spared us either; climate change as well has also significantly contributed to our many challenges and the PF government did not create the Coronavirus and as such we expect every leader to show leadership.

That said and done, it is the responsibility of every leader, in government and in opposition to do anything in their power to help cushion the challenges our citizens are facing, this must be seen in did and as well as in our spoken word.

It is very unfortunate that Mr. Hichilema now thrives at the challenges we are facing as a way to get himself into State House. Social media today is awash with angry Zambians who have condemned him for his failure to show leadership with his only concern being bill 10 and State House.

He must examine himself to determine if he wants power to enrich himself or to help the Zambians, but as things stand, it is clear to all of us to see that his intensions are not noble and we must reject his kind of politics. What kind of leader would rejoice when people are suffering because it almost creates an opportunity for him to gain political power?

Today, in the eyes of all Zambians, Mr. Hichilema has shown us that he relishes when Zambians go though problems because he knows that problems are a ripe atmosphere in changing governments, what a shameful kind of mentality to have for a leader.

Sadly, today Mr. Hichilema has shown us that the current political dispersion exposes serious weaknesses in Zambia’s opposition political systems. Mr. Hichilema and his UPND lack the credibility in pushing the country forward. UPND has a serious challenge of misguided political leadership to marshal the required effective opposition strength to create a climate for development.

The leadership of UPND suffers from ego, overly rated ambition for power and pride, such that it overcrowds its effective participation on important national matters that affect the general citizenry and especially poor people.

They could be more effective by engaging government and the ruling party in debating policy frameworks on how to develop the country. Particularly, pushing policies that address the needs of poor people such as improving access to clean water and sanitation, quality healthcare, education, rural and agricultural development, and debate macroeconomic policy frameworks required for growth and development, critically contributing to poverty eradication, employment creation and addressing inequalities.

Zambia is facing serious challenges of low infrastructure, low energy capacity of both electricity and oil, poverty, youth unemployment and weak legal systems. These are issues Mr. Hichilema should be lobbying PF government to improve, and provide policy frameworks on how to go about addressing these daunting challenges, instead of commanding his MPs to boycott parliament.

Dr. Joze Manda is a Political Analyst based in Lusaka. His views do not reflect those of Eagle One Zambia.


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