….please Mr. Hichilema stop these lies and start acting your worth in society.


Ignorance is what leads many to believe that it’s possible to rig elections in Zambia. But even before I point at some specifics to that effect, anyone knows that if it were that easy to rig elections, the ECZ would have worked in favour of government in 2011 when the Patriotic Front unseated the once mighty MMD.


The statement by the CiSCA Chairperson Bishop John Mambo that elections would be rigged before voting if ballot papers are printed locally proves my argument that some of these CSOs don’t mean well when it comes to issues that boarder on national development. They are sponsored to change governments because real CSOs are supposed to uphold the integrity of our institutions and understand to the letter how our electoral system works.


Is it not shocking that supposedly knowledgeable senior citizens are working very hard every day to discredit the electoral process when they know it’s their duty to work very hard towards ensuring that we have integrity in the system? What is the purpose? They know that if they lose, they stand a better chance of convincing the gullible that elections were rigged especially in a society like Zambia where some political parties are only in the habit of transporting crowds from one rally to the other to deceive the public that they are the next big thing instead of selling a verifiable campaign message.


There are a lot of monitors, observers, political party agents as well as other stakeholders at every polling station, to prevent rigging. Any seriously represented political party has records of registered voters and since it’s there at all major polling stations, keeping track of every single vote that is recorded, it is impossible for anyone to later claim that:


▪where ballots are printed matters,

▪it’s possible to have stuffed ballot boxes,

▪there’s been a compromised computer system affecting final results.


You can verify the tallying of votes at any stage. In fact this is why our electoral system is slow to have the final count. I am sorry to say this, only an ignorant person would believe in rigging claims. So it’s extremely irresponsible for anyone to start talking about what cannot happen when they know they are only saying that to mislead their brainwashed following.


If Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is worth his salt, he must stop thinking all Zambians can be fooled the way he fools his cadres into believing there is still an election petition in the Constitutional Court or that he has appealed at the ICC or the ICJ when he himself knows these institutions have absolutely no jurisdiction over national matters pertaining to purported election malpractices.


If you wish to question that some of these politicians are nothing but crooks, ask them for their 2016 PVT records that show verifiable variances with official ECZ results. You will wait forever. They have nothing, absolutely nothing. This is why they had nothing to present during the ill intended election petition. With more of our posts, Zambians will get to know their true colours.


Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa

WhatsApp: +260 977 430702



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