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Mines Minister Richard Musukwa says China must not be disadvantaged in the planned sale of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) because of negative public sentiments being peddled against Chinese investment.

Should such a statement be made by a patriotic Zambian? Does the Minister know why Zambians would rather not have KCM go the China way? Does he care or he is just dumb to say the least?

The KCM story is one of a nightmare today because of poor political leadership and yet today, the Opposition Alliance is quiet as Chinese firms position themselves to take over the embattled firm. Why are they mute? You mean we don’t have opposition leaders who can come up with a roadmap to offer KCM to Zambians and position themselves as a government in waiting?

With such silence, are we mad when we say the Patriotic Front is here to stay? It’s like there is nobody out there to think beyond the current Patriotic Front policy mismanagement endeavours.

Truth be told, Zambia is in the ICU as far as political leadership is concerned. We seem not to learn from the past! We seem to be driven by corruption kickbacks and nobody finds these political “misdemeanors” repulsive yet they just want to take over leadership come 2021 by putting on yellow T-shirts.

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