Berlin, 21. 12, 2017

Zambia’s ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita says the response to the call for attendance of the Berlin tourism show is overwhelming. With less than 90 days to the International Tourism Bourse, ITB, hosted by Messe Berlin, ambassador Mukwita says inquiries regarding participation continue to pour into the embassy.

“We last reported about 30 Zambian participants having signed up. However, inquiries have continued which means we are going to see a significant rise in the number of Zambian exhibitors”, says the Zambian envoy. Ambassador Mukwita says the only way President Edgar Lungu’s call for the diversification of the Zambian economy will take effect and economic diplomacy becoming a reality is through the positive response of Zambian citizens to government initiatives.

“Through the Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA), the Ministry of Tourism implements government policy in respect of the tourism sector. For ZTA to succeed, the private sector needs to play its part”, the Zambian top diplomat in Germany says. Based partly on the ZTA requirements, the Zambian embassy in Germany has developed what it is calling “ A simple guide to Berlin for Zambians” that includes information on participation fees, getting a German visa and accommodation in Germany.

As Convention and Culture Partner for the March 2018 tourism showpiece, Zambia will have 126 square meters of space accommodating 35 tables that are available to prospective exhibitors at the cost of K6900 per table. The tables are to be given on the first-come-first-served basis.

In addition, Zambia will enjoy other benefits that include extra access to exhibition space in the adventure tourism section of ITB; selected media branding of halls; media and advertising opportunities valued at more than 5 million kwacha; added country visibility through performances of national cultural dance troupes and continued running of adverts on Zambia running side by side with those of ITB for one year in different media.

“We are excited about these prospects that should forever change our tourism trajectory” says ambassador Mukwita adding, “this is the world’s largest tourism showpiece attracting thousands and thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. It does not get better than that”.

ITB attracts participation from 180 countries, 600 tourism buyers and 10,000 exhibitors. Also, it attracts 100,000 trade visitors and 20,000 convention visitors daily from the start date of 7th March to the 11th. “Add to this the fact that Germany, the host country is the largest economy in Europe, accounts for the world’s largest outbound tourists (over 83 million annually) second only to China (over 117 million)”, observed the Zambian envoy.

Ambassador Mukwita says Zambia’s peace, tranquility and political stability have and will always be some of the factors taken into account by any visitor intending to visit the country. “We must preach these factors in addition to our many natural attractions and sites of historical significance”, the ambassador says.

Ambassador Mukwita says those intending to travel for the ITB must approach the German embassy for visa conditions while those traveling on government sponsorship shall be supported by a cover letter from the Zambian embassy in Germany. In terms of accommodation, ambassador Mukwita says arrangements must be made well in advance as hotels tend to get filled up well before the event. On its part, ambassador Mukwita says the embassy will provide some information in this regard.

“While as an embassy we can do our part, the biggest point of contact in all these activities related to ITB is the Zambia Tourism Agency, ZTA through its CEO – Felix Chaila”, says the Zambian envoy.



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