Dr Kambwili Writes; National Democratic Congress has adopted Eng. Joseph Chishala who has worked in the mines for over 20 years, Joseph Chishala was a vocal leader within the Mine Union of Zambia and like me he was persecuted for fighting for the poor miners.

I would like to thank my media guys from the PF for creating such a wonderful buzz around NDC. Your propaganda surrounding my son led you into a ditch but now we have delivered a viable candidate.

To President Lungu I want you to come to roan with all your money, all your helicopters, all your busses, all your vehicles including the fire tenders, make sure you also come with Davies Mwila I would like to deal with you and not these little babies your brought to roan constituency.

The ground is fertile I want all government machinery in roan so that the people can enjoy government money that you wouldn’t give to them had it not been for an election.

I will be waiting on the ground!

I repeat bring all your money to roan we chew it for you, those K20 Bowman was giving out are too small. We need millions of kwacha pumped into roan constituency.

I thank you.



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