If the Courts clear you, I will give you the K10m. But if they convict you, you will give me the 3 bedroom house you promised- Tayali

If the Courts clear you, I will give you the K10m. But if they convict you, you will give me the 3 bedroom house you promised. No apology for you!
By Wiseman Tembo.
EEP Leader, Chilufya Tayali, has finally formally reported Mr. Hichilema to the Anti Corruption Commission on allegations of “fraudulently” buying a house in Chelstone and a farm in Kalomo. Tayali has also promised to report Mr. Hichilema to the police regarding his two different NRCs.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Tayali baldly refused to apologise as per Mr. Hichilema’s demand letter, instead, he has vowed to go ahead with his “evidence” in Court. The EEP Leader has bragged to be more confident with the evidence he has against Mr. Hichilema than he was with the Kambwili forgery case. He is more than certain that Mr. Hichilema will be jailed.

“You (HH) are given a property to liquidate and part of that property is found in your hands, what defences are they going to bring to exonerate him?” asked a bubbling with confidence Tayali.
Responding to the demand letter from Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers, Tayali claimed one could see the fear in it. The issue of the two NRC’s was deliberately ignored.

“Instead of responding to the allegations raised, Mr. Hichilema referred me to his friends (Norman Mbazima and co.) who he worked with when acquiring the properties “dubiously” and also threatened me with contempt of court,” Tayali claimed whilst denying committing contempt of court.
Regarding the K10m and him being rendered “bankrupt.” Mr. Touch and Go said that if the courts clear HH, he will pay him the K10m but if they convict him, he (HH) will have to give him the 3 bedroom he promised to give to anyone with evidence of his shoddy privatisation deals.

The EEP Leader also passionately appealed to the public to show the same excitement they showed when the K10m demand was made by HH when he will be jailed. According to him, this is not about politics or political persecution but justice.

Tayali also advised the UPND to find another Presidential candidate for 2021 elections because as far as he is concerned, HH just like Kambwili, is jail bound.

About The Author: Mr. Wiseman Tembo is a Social and Economic Issues Analyst.
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