The world, once again, is casting its eyes towards Zimbabwe, reflecting on the legacy of the man who ruled it for 37 years.

Our culture demands that we speak well of the dead, and some comrades have gone lyrical, heaping praise on late tyrant, factory fault of note, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, as a successful Revolutionary and Pan Africanist.

We are inspired by the book of Proverbs, which correctly says in proverbs 3:31: “Envy not the oppressor, and choose none of his ways.” We also find, great inspiration from words of Chinese philosopher and politician of note, Confucius, who says, from his grave; “the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name”.

Mugabe with the Queen of England with her husband
In giving practical expression to the above quoted injunctions, I have difficulties choosing and envying the legacy of one Robert Mugabe. It is actually a tragedy that Robert Mugabe, who would have been one of the best African revolutionaries turned out to be a factory fault, a brutal dictator who plunged his country into poverty as he trashed the economy, and will be remembered as one of Africa’s worst post colonial disasters, a pan africanist imposter.

A true Revolutionary and Pan Africanist acquire power to better society. But Mugabe’s reign was characterized by murder, bloodshed, torture, corruption, human rights abuses, persecution of political opponents, intimidation and vote-rigging on a grand scale.

A true Revolutionary and Pan Africanist must leave the material condition of society better than he found them. But despite Mugabe inheriting a very strong african economy from the colonialists, he collapsed it. Today, the country has no currency, 5 million Zimbabweans have fled the country and are now victims of xenophobia. No wonder he died in Singapore because nothing is left of Zimbabwe.

A true Revolutionary and a Pan Africanist must have a succession plan, groom and prepare second and third layers of leadership that carries the revolution forward. But Mugabe wanted to rule from the grave, wanted to sexually transmit leadership to his wife.

And above all, eloquently criticising the imperialists in fancy speeches while oppressing his own people the same way the colonialists did does not make Mugabe a Revolutionary and a Pan Africanist. There was no difference between Ian Smith and Robert Mugabe, apart from the colour of their skin.

Therefore, I shed no tears for factory faults. If I have tears, I will shed them for Zimbabweans. It will take time for them to recover from Mugabeism. Even in Zambia, we have not yet recovered from the dictatorship of Kenneth Kaunda.

Never, and never again, should Africa see the likes of Robert Mugabe in positions of power again.

By Yona Musukwa



  1. Comment:even if you don’t have any time to shed tears towords him but before that it’s apresident for motherthan 30 yrs it’s alot

  2. Mugabe did his part and he is gone he went in the forest to take back the country to his people which still remain an offence to those he got power from, and the worst of all offences is to take land back to his people and this is the mother of all criminal offences he committed.
    Mugabe didn’t destroy Zimbabwe no he didn’t but the imperialists destroyed Zimbabwe , they don’t tell you how they imported zealous scouts from Australia and dogs of war from America to kill Zimbabweans through bombings in Zambia and other places not to talk of those they short dead in liberation wars.
    If Mugabe didnt take back land to Zimbabweans no one would have since no one was brave enough to do that.
    If you can’t a tear for him it is no problem I just write to remind you of the pain he went through all because of you.

    • Comment: shilimubeba
      you are right Those who are saying bad about the late King of africa Robert Gabriel Mugabe they don’t know anything about the struggle of Africa and they are lost.

    • U very right, a lot of us blacks still worship a white man ad thinks he’s a saint, no wonder we’re a backwards ad never we’ll perfect our living because we think a white man will do for us. We don’t believe in ourselves ad always expect a white man to do all for us,
      We hv everything bt the attitude always look to a white man. Awee!! And our leaders are even worse, “investors, always investors”?? Why cant we use our resources, we hv everything bt always want a white man to exploit our resources, shame on us.

  3. Shilimubemba thanx very much for schooling kanelebox 1. He might be a baby in dypas.
    Mugabe was a born leader with temperamental of melancholy far better off


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