UPND vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said that although he is in support of the formation of an alliance among opposition parties, he will not accept anything less than a vice president. A source in UPND told Kwacha Times.

According to a source who opted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, GBM said this at his residence following speculation that went round that he has finally agreed to allow NDC leader Kambwili to be vice President for the alliance.

GBM has been working with Mazabuko MP Garry Nkombo in a partnership meant to oust Hakainde Hichilema from the leadership of UPND. Prior to the 2016 elections, Hichilema allegedly told his senior members that he would only stand as President in that election and if he doesn’t win, he would step down. But after the election, Hichilema continued to be UPND President and used a claim that the election was stolen to cling to party leadership.

Nkombo only realised when it was too late that his Presidential aspirations were not going to materialize – the two begun tossing each other with Nkombo forming a pact with GBM to plan an exit for Hichilema.

This led to Nkombo to mysteriously resign as UPND leader in National Assembly without explanation. There is bad blood between Hichilema and Nkombo.

However, GBM and Nkombo are currently working together to frustrate the opposition alliance in a bid to take over leadership. GBM wants to be President while Nkombo has agreed to be Vice President.

It is not clear how the two will do this because it has been stated that the opposition UPND will never hold any intraparty elections and Hichilema is the party presidential candidate until he decides not to stand. But it unlikely that he will do that, maybe after he dies.



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