I Was Stabbed In The Back By My Own Leadership -Mbabala UPND MP Ephraim Belemu

I Was Stabbed In The Back By My Own Leadership -Mbabala UPND MP Ephraim Belemu
Choma’s Mbabala Member of Parliament, Ephraim Bbelemu says the United Party for National Development, (UPND) betrayed his loyalty to the cause of the opposition, leading to his defection to the Patriotic Front, (PF).
Bbelemu’s defection to the PF comes as the UPND kicks off preliminary adoptions this weekend, with Mbabala Constituency heavily contested.
He has resigned from all his positions in the party including his election the UPND’s National Management Council and Member of Parliament for Mbabala.
“…it is for this reason that I have a determination and decision that I withdraw myself from the UPND. and by virtual of that decision, every other position I held including in the National Assembly of Zambia as Member of Parliament for Mbabala Constituency,” he declared.
Bbelemu accuses the UPND of victimizing family members and his allies in the constituency.
He further charges that crooked members of the UPND have been pushing genuine people out of the party because of the belief that they are forming government this year.
“while the UPND sent me on a journey to political Jericho, which was hilly and dangerous. It has not been easy… Instead of being attacked by robbers, I was stabbed in the back by my own leaders. By people who for many years I called brothers and sisters,” Bbelemu disclosed in his briefing.
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