Chilufya Tayali

By Chilufya Tayali

When a Country is at war, it invests in soldiers and ammunitions to fight. The soldiers are mostly paid an extra amount for risking their lives, just like what we see when some of our army officers go for peace keeping in war-tone Countries.

These soldiers enjoy the big pay, which makes them buy properties and other nice things. So, war or conflicts benefits the army as well as the suppliers of weapons.

Therefore, they would not want the war to end. Peace becomes their enemy, which they would not want to have because it will deprive them of their benefits.

Similarly, the meeting of President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema, may not be welcome to those that used to benefit from the acrimony between the two leaders.

This dialogue and reconciliation process, will be not be liked by those who used to benefit through fighting or negative publicity, for, or against, each of these two leaders.

Truth be told, I was one of the soldiers of President Edgar Lungu at critical times and I attracted attacks from the soldiers on the other side.

But now that I have apologized and chosen to pursue peace, the some soldiers on the other side, are not happy, because, it means they have to lose their jobs and benefits for fighting me.

People of goodwill, have accepted my apologies but those who still want to fight, are still waging wars against me, urging others not to accept my apologies.

Some are saying, that I am scared of court cases, please….. be real. I am not a criminal for me to fear going to jail.

The bailiff issue has nothing to do with these apologies, I owed someone and he lost patience with me, which I understand and accept.

I don’t owe any of these leaders money and I can defend myself but that is not in the interest of dialogue and reconciliation. I don’t want to continue calling people names either in court or outside.

If are that bad in relation to these cases, I would insist on President Lungu to help me with lawyers and everything within his powers to help me out of all these cases and pledge my total loyalty to him in fighting for him.

However, I have chosen to support President Lungu and Hakainde in reconciling this nation. I am not just supporting President Lungu, alone, but both leaders and I want to be a person that will send a good message to both of them and relay message of hope from both leaders to the citizens.

I have a platform to help this nation reconcile and this is what I am doing other than fighting for President Lungu or HH exclusively. I want to fight for Zambia.

I have apologized and I am not going back, my pursuit, now, is dialogue and reconciliation.





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