Opposition politician Chishimba Kambwili says he has no intentions of rejoining the PF.

And Dr Kambwili says his decision to attend the 5th memorial of late President Michael Sata has been misunderstood.

He said some people interested in propaganda are allegedly twisting the facts around his attendance at St Ignitius Catholic Church in Lusaka.

It was widely reported that President Edgar Lungu and Dr Kambwili have reconciled after the two attended a memorial service of late President Michael Sata who is also the founder of the PF.

The two leaders were called in front of the congregation alongside former first lady Christine Kaseba by parish priest father Charles Chilinda to declare what dispute was between them.

And President Lungu said he had nothing against Dr Kambwili and was at peace with him while Mr Kambwili also said he had nothing against the head of state.

The two shook hands in witness of Dr Kaseba in front of the congregation as the congregants cheered in delight.

Meanwhile, Father Chilinda urged the two leaders to put their differences aside and avoid destroying the PF.

But Mr Kambwili in a Facebook post on his page stated that the gesture has been misunderstood.

“It has come to my attention that propagandist are at it again with their malicious rumours and this time taking advantage of my attendance of The priest indeed called upon all former members of PF to work together and visible among them was me and he called me to the front in church,” he wrote.

“Further, after church service the priest again called me and President Edgar Lungu for a closed meeting in which the priest again urged us to forgive ourselves. I mentioned to the priest that I have nothing against the Republican President and I emphasised that all that needs to be done by the PF leadership proper governance of our country and that I will continue providing the usual checks and balances,” he stated.

Dr Kambwili said there was nothing discussed relating to him rejoining the PF.

“I need to reiterate that I have not gone back to PF and I have no intentions whatsoever! I still remain the President of the fast growing National Democratic Congress party (NDC) and I urge our members countrywide and those in the diaspora to continue mobilising the party.”

“Wish to also take this opportunity to assure our Alliance Partners that as NDC, we are committed to the cause of a united opposition as we get to 2021. As such, I appeal to our colleagues to stay calm and ignore all the false information flying around that I have abandoned our grouping and rejoined PF.”

He said his attendance of important national programs and association with old colleagues in PF does not in any way amount to rejoining them.

“I am committed to a united opposition and my focus for now is to continue mobilising our party the national democratic congress.”


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