By Koswe

Hundreds of UPND cadres remain stranded in Kitwe spending nights at the railway and bus stations after attending the much publicised rally on Saturday. The cadres mostly from northwestern province have expressed shock and disappointment after being left hungry and cold in the rains by the party. Jibinga kapaya from mwinilunga said they were promised 200 kwacha allows xes and free transport by upnd through Mr Romeo Kangombe the sesheke MP.

However, Kangombe was nowhere to be seen and the buses which ferried them all decided to leave because upnd hasn’t settled the bill. Koswe tried to call Kangombe whose phone went unanswered. Jibinga regrets traveling to support a card renewal exercise and leaving his business unattended to.

Koswe understands that upnd has been ferrying cadres for its public gatherings but leaves them stranded. this recently also happened in Kaoma.


  1. So that pool of people we saw is an artificial one purported to be Copperbelt residents. I was wondering whether all of a sudden we have that liking for Upnd by the kopala guys. Anyway it is a good gimmick of hoodwinking the masses into believing that Upnd has suddenly become popular in a PF stronghold.


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