United Party for National Development(UPND) cadres beat up and robbed a Human Rights Commission Staff during the nomination process in the Katuba by-election.

Oscar Chisenga is among human rights, civil society and church groups monitoring the campaigns and election.

Chisenga attempted to stop UPND cadres who were beating and harassing a Patriotic Front (PF) who was passing nearby.

The cadres turned on Chisenga robbing him of his wallet, phone and tablet.

But the cadres also beat him up. Chisenga rushed to UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuta to report who ignored the entire incidence. Chisenga has since reported the matter to the Police.

Katuba Constituency seat fell vacant when the area member of parliament, Patricia Mwashingwela died.

PF is featuring Zacks Mwachilele while the UPND is featuring Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa.



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