Human Rights commission (HRC) Joins Calls for Prime TV’s Re-opening

THE Human rights commission (HRC) has appealed to IBA to rescind its decision against Prime TV and allow the TV station to continue operating whilst addressing some of the identified shortcomings.

In a statement issued by Commission Spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya, the Commission said the 30 days suspension of the broadcasting licence is excessive punishment that is likely to seriously undermine the growth of private owned media.

Muleya said the suspension is also depriving millions of Prime TV’s viewers of their democratic right to access divergent information and views as required in a democratic state.

Muleya also said that it would be extremely unfortunate Zambia’s record of human rights and good governance was undermined by a decision such as suspending the broadcasting license of the Privately-run Television Station when the matter could easily have been amicably resolved in better way.

He expressed confidence that government will listen to numerous voices pleading for its public interest intervention and will accordingly review the decision made by IBA.

He cautioned that there would be serious consequences if a country was viewed as a human rights violator as that could have far-reaching negative impact on the socio-economic development of the country.

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