NRDC issue is that two years ago government made a decision to build a new college for NRDC.

NRDC being a big agriculture college has an intake which is over 10 times bigger compared to the infrastructure at the NRDC compass , 10 to 15 students sometimes share a room, but toilets lecture rooms and other infrastructure is the same..

Government claims that;
“NRDC sits on 350 hectares and has been encroached by metendere so no room for expansion Even agriculture land is so limited making teaching of the subject difficult And most of all NRDC is so government dependent which is a real challenge like all other higher institutions of learning in zambia which are dependent on government, and as you know government is experiencing challenges.”

“As such President Edgar Lungu requested shakumbila for land he agreed to give land and has by now given a total of 6800 hectares.”

“Idea is that this land will have a university college for agriculture both crops and livestock, allow for more intake of students and recruitment of staff..”

“NRDC will also be able to leverage some of its land for commercial purposes so that it’s sustainable, this can be agriculture shops shopping center for mumbwa etc. That which can’t happen at NRDC great east road compass.”

“There is need need to create more value, the Mumbwa compass will create more jobs for our youths in places like banking and insurance, so government wins both ways.”

“New college and new business for Zambian youth and hopefully in the process government spends no money so that government does not incur any debt that is where avic come in.”

AVIC international who were single sourced will have the NRDC great east compass but They build government new college on 6800 hectares in Mumbwa and develop great east road for themselves but skewered towards banking and insurance business..

“Otherwise with our current financial ills, NRDC WILL be a damp forever. we have a responsibility to be innovative and provide for our people and those who want to learn in future will learn at New college..”

“Those who want politics can continue politicking but government will do the right thing..”



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