How Dr.Tasila Tembo’s murderer was caught!

How Dr.Tasila Tembo’s murderer was caught!
Diana Mwachulabantu writes;
So today was like any other working day for me. Till wen it was around that time wen you look forward to knocking off then this man walks in and introduces himself as Dr Tasila brother who just came in the country.

He told me he wanted to know where his sister was buried and gave me the names. So as I was searching for the details he was like;
How many people attended the burial?
Where there any restrictions coz of covid?
Did the minister attend the burial?
Was she buried in the most expensive area?
Was there any body viewing?

Then nothing inside me told me something isn’t right here. I realised I was talking to the Docs killer. I then remember that in the picture the killer looked all muscular and his body size just told me it was him though he was in a mask and a cap. I then became tense but still answered all his questions and I managed to smile yet deep down I was dying with fear.

So I gave the exact location of where the doc was buried and gave him directions to the site.And before left he grabbed the paper where I wrote the details. So I then told my superiors that I think the man who has just walked out is the docs killer.

Am speechless …..
I was left shaking…

I still can’t believe it.

All in all thank you so much to the army officers who came in just after my superiors called them to apphrehen him.

We salute Diana for being very brave and alert!!

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