Honourable Makebi Exposes HH

_…Hichilema pocketed $14 million from the sale of Lower Zambezi._


Eastern Province Minister Hon Makebi Zulu has disclosed that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema benefited about US$ 14 million from the sale of Lower Zambezi National Park.

And Hon Zulu who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Malambo Member of Parliament says it is sad that the fight against corruption has been politicized by disgruntled political players.

Speaking at a PF interactive forum today (Sunday) in Lusaka, Hon Zulu said HH has been quite on the happening at Lower Zambezi because he is the one who sold it and kept the money in the offshore accounts in Bahamas.


He challenged the UPND to come out in the open and tell the Zambians the role HH played in the privatization of Lower Zambezi and how much he benefited.

Hon Zulu said Mr Hichilema was exposed by the Paradise Paper to have been a Director of a Bermuda company known as AfNat Resources Limited which bought mining licenses at Zambezi Resource Limited.

He expained that Mr Hichilema’s AfNat Resources was incorporated in 2005 and explored for nickel and other metals in Zambia and other African countries.

And Hon Zulu says it is sad that corruption fight has been politicized by certain people.

He noted with sadness that some disgruntled political players had the guts of politicizing the issue of the mysterious 48 houses by accusing innocent Senior government officials when they have nothing to do with those houses.

He has called on Zambians not to downplay the fight against corruption by not following the right channels in reporting corrupt acts to the appropriate institutions mandated to tackle the vice.

Hon Zulu, who is also PF Deputy Chairman for Legal Affairs, said while corruption existed in all walks of life, it is slowly losing its meaning on account of several stakeholders accusing government leaders of perpetrating the vice without proof.

The Minister further said government does not interfere with the operation of Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) hence it allowed the commission to do its work on the mysterious 48 houses.



  1. Lets see some seriousness where such accusations are substantiated or is it the norm in Zambia that anyone can say what they like fact or untruths and there are no consequences?


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