Hon. Brian Mushimba





There is something to be said about Humble beginnings. They shape character in a way that even when one attains the highest level of success, they remain grounded . Such is the case with Honourable Brian Mushimba .

He was born on the 7th of November in 1974 as the 9th Child in a family of 18.

Growing up in kankoyo township of Mufulira on the copperbelt , Life was not easy for him and his siblings as his mother was an ordinary market trader who had to fend for her Children from the little money she raised selling at the market.

The combination of being naturally intelligent and an exceptional love for books saw Hon. Mushimba pass his 7th grade from Makole Primary School with flying colours giving him the much sought after opportunity of gaining admission to Mpelembe Secondary School which was one of the most prestigious secondary schools on the copperbelt.

Hon. Mushimba would then study hard and stay focused throughout his secondary school years and upon completion of his grade 12 in 1993, he would get the much covered ZCCM Scholarships at that time to do form 6 at the University of Zambia.

He would then leave for the US to study engineering. The beginning of what would be a string of academic qualifications he would Persue and attain over the years .

His other qualifications include ; A Masters in Business Administration . A Masters of Science in Engineering Management .
A certificate in Business and a certificate in Executive Leadership among other qualifications. He is currently persuing his PHD.

Whilst in the US . Hon. Mushimba got a Job with Siemens as an Electrical Engineer were he worked for seven years .

By the time he was resigning from Seimens in late 2006 in preference for coming back to his home country Zambia, he had risen from Senior electrical engineer to commissioning engineer, to commissioning Lead engineer and finally Project Manager.

He then got a Job with Lararge Cement- USA & Sub Sahara Africa . The company would then transfer him to their Zambian plant Chilanga Cement .

At Chilanga Cement, he worked as Engineering Manager till 2012 .

In 2013 , he got a Job with Pratt and Whitney Power Systerms in the USA.

In late 2013 he left the power systems company and relocated to South Africa were he got a job as Technical Director in charge of the expansion plan at Eskon.

A year later. Hon. Mushimba was transfered to Uganda to work at an Eskon Subsidiary Plant this time as the Chief Executive Officer were he would stay till 2016 when he returned to Zambia and started working for SN Power – Sub Sahara Africa in time for him to contest for the KANKOYO seat .

He scooped the seat and was appointed as Cabinate Minister in the Ministry of Transport and Communications by HE. President Edgar C. Lungu .

Hon. Mushimba is a GOD fearing man. He is a stonge Catholic who practices his faith religiously at Kachema Musuma Parish in Kankoyo.

He is happily Married to Brenda Mushimba his wife of 20 years with whom he has 2 beautiful children .

Whenever he has free time which isn’t often. Hon Mushimba loves to watch soccer and is a number 1 fan of the Maite Mufulira wonderers football club.

There are 3 kinds of people in life. Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and then those that wonder what happened. Hon. Brian Mushimba belongs to the 1st Category .

He is a role model in the real sence of the word. One that is worth emulating.


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