It’s shocking to see how a man vying for the highest office in the land would fall for cheap propaganda that was prepared and circulated in December 2017 by those who were unhappy to learn that Dr. Chitalu Chilufya was appointed MCC by President Edgar Lungu. But this is what happens when you join politics to fill up your belly, especially if your belly is in fact huge.

We may not be privy to the criteria that was used to appoint Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as MCC ahead of those who were aggrieved such as Hon. Chitotela, Hon. Kalaba, KBF, Hon. Kambwili, etc. but we know that President Edgar Lungu has shown impeccable political will in the transformational agenda of the health sector. It’s more than just probable that Dr. Chilufya was made MCC to guide and lead President Edgar Lungu’s new drive of “Health in All Policy” in high level meetings.

Although you may not be aware, President Edgar Lungu is convinced that health is an economic investment that ensures a healthy population and labour force which are essential for economic development. There’s need to build resilient health systems to deliver universal health coverage using integrated community primary health care systems employing a multisectoral approach to health and adopting health in all policy formulation. We need solid supply and procurement systems for public health commodities to address HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. And who is better placed to drive this agenda than Dr. Chitalu Chilufya?

Politics is not a self preservation system but a vehicle for development. Someone must caution Hon. Kambwili not to politicise health matters. And those who may wish to know that the cheap propaganda Hon. Kambwili is circulating today is old material, please follow these two links:

Zambians must learn to question content on social media being circulated by some sections of the opposition with an insatiable appetite for power. You can’t change any system of government by fighting it but by coming up with an alternative verifiable development agenda superior to the current one.

Say Yes To Development.



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