THE Lusaka High Court has dissolved the marriage of Mary Chirwa, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Director General, and her husband Apostle Kudakwashe Hosea Tshuma.

Last month, the court granted Chirwa’s petition to dissolve her marriage with Tshuma, a pastor of Beam of Hope International Ministries through a decree nisi.

In May 2018, the FIC boss had asked the court to end their union of two years because her husband’s conduct was promiscous, undesirable and she could no longer live with him.

She said everytine they had an argument, Tshuma constantly threatened suicide a matter that traumatised her especially that her first husband, Mr Sikazwe killed himself.

On April 2 2017, Mary Chirwa married a car dealer and pastor of “Beam of Hope International Ministries” in a colorful ceremony.

She also joined in the work of God and became a prophetess at the Ministry.

During the divorce proceedings, Apostle Kudakwashe Tshuma expressed shock at his wife’s allegations.

Tshuma who is a businessman and owns a car wash in Chelstone, expressed shock at his wife’s allegations against him that he was promiscous and violent.

Apostle Kudakwashe Tshuma a Zimbabwean national said he had evidence that it was his wife that maintained multiple sexual affairs and threatened him with deportation every time he confronted her.

He said he had been praying for Mary Chirwa as she needed help and spiritual deliverance because of the manner her previous husband died.

A few years ago, Mary was allegedly found in the matrimonial bedroom with prominent Lusaka lawyer, Kelvin Bwalya Fube(KBF).

The late husband was so annoyed that he went to pick petrol fuel and set himself alight and attempted to do the same to his wife…but she managed to ran away.

Mr. Sikazwe died a few days later at the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) from third-degrees burns.

He accused Mary of continued promiscuity not fit for a married woman especially one married to a man of God.

But Mary explained that it was her husband who was violent and promiscous.

She cited a case whe she travelled to Tanzania for the international workshop on money laundering and terrorism where he secretly followed her as he suspected that she had gone with another man.

She said Tshuma embarrassed her before her International professional colleagues.

But according to an affidavit for divorce filed last year, Chirwa accused her husband of being in a habit of threatening to commit suicide.

The petitioner contended that at some point, Pastor Tshuma attempted to drink ‘Omo’ bleach and also tried to drown himself in a swimming pool at their house.

She stated that his suicidal threats caused her anguish and mental distress on account that her previous husband who had taken his life.

The FIC boss accused her husband of adultery and that when confronted, he threatened to kill himself.

Chirwa also stated that her husband was so confrontational with her children from her previous marriage, causing them to live in fear.

The Lusaka High Court has since dissolved the marriage.


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