Keith Mweemba


Lusaka lawyer KEITH MWEEMBA has appeared in court on one count of corrupt practice with a public officer .

MWEEMBA is accused of having attempted to bribe a public prosecutor so that she does not oppose his application in one of the appeal case.

Earlier the State had applied for a bench warrant against the suspect .

This was after the court Mr MWEEMBA failed to appear before Lusaka magistrate LAMECK MWALE.

While the Magistrate was issuing a bench warrant Mr MWEEMBA appeared in court and went into the dock.

Lusaka Magistrate LAMECK MWALE informed Mr . MWEEMBA that he was in the process of issuing a warrant of arrest

Mr MWEEMBA however apologized for coming late saying there was communication break down as regard to time .

In this case, MWEEMBA is accused of having attempt to bribe MONICA CHIPANTE a prosecutor.

It is alleged that the accused had asked MONICA NOT to oppose his submissions in the High court in a case involving his clients the two Bolivian Nationals .

Mr MWEEMBA promised to give MONNICA some money as appreciation .

When the matter came up the state presented JOE SIKUTE a former Anti Corruption Commission investigations officer.

Mr. SIKUTE told the court that it is him who received a recording of Mr. MWEEMBA allegedly attempting to bribe a prosecutor .

He said in the recording Mr MWEEMBA was head offering to give some money to the prosecutor if she did not oppose some of his submissions in the High Court .


State House has finally resolved to arrest lawyer Keith Mweemba.

During a meeting held at State House two weeks ago attended by Amos Chanda, Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe, Justice Minister Given Lubinda and officers from a group called Cyberspace cracksquad, it was resolved that Mweemba be arrested as he has been embarrassing the State during court sessions.

According to sources that attended the meeting, there is a feeling that some UPND members were deliberately insulting President Edgar Lungu with impunity knowing that lawyers like Keith Mweemba would defend them in court.

But officers tasked to carry out this operation stated that it was difficult for them to carry out such an operation, but Amos Chanda told them to raid Keith Mweemba’s law firm and his house and grab his computers, phones and other materials and if nothing implicating was found, they would plant pornography and arrest him for being in possession of obscene materials.

Other than that, the officers under cyberspace cracksquad were ordered to ransack the Keith Mweemba law firm and close it so that it can stop offering legal services to Zambians.

Recently the PF set up a cyberspace cracksquad which has infiltrated most of the WhatsApp groups especially those for the UPND.

So far one group identified is called UPND TASKFORCE (U.T.F) whose members will face arrests as the secret agents of State House are monitoring the chats in that group.

A list has also been drawn of people to be arrested and this include Keith Mweemba the lawyer, Roy Makayi the student who is said to have insulted Edgar Lungu when Hichilema was in jail for treason, Abel Mschili, and Paul Siambala.

Apparently, someone in the meeting cheated that Keith Mweemba was representing Makayi in court yet he’s not one of the defense team members in the case.

Others to be arrested under the politically influenced cyberspace cracksquad include Journalists Clayson Hamasaka, Brian Mwiinga who are in the UPND President’s press office.

On Keith Mweemba, the plan is to incapacitate him so that he becomes ineffective and stop offering legal services.

In the meeting, Sikazwe even stated that once Keith Mweemba is arrested and his law firm closed, LAZ will not act as it is in their armpits and had already agreed to back the operation.



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