HH suddenly visits sick party youth Gilbert Liswaniso who reached to Bowman Lusambo for help

Initially, Gilbert Liswaniso was stuck and needed help. He had requested for his party leader Hakainde Hichilema to help evacuate him but it’s been a month.

The UPND youth then turned to PF’s Bowman Lusambo. it’s after this that HH made a fast visit to Liswaniso yesterday.


  1. Substandard reporting filled with malice. A visit to uplift spirit of an ailing person does not demand publicity as this is. Intrusion on their privacy and dignity. Making it a political exploit makes one wonder what desperation can do as political parties and their sympathizers can do with propaganda and falsehood.

    • “…..as political parties and their sympathizers try to outdo each other maneuvering with propaganda and falsehood.” Any good reason for throwing in Lusambo to HH visiting the ailing party member? Mwebantu maliciousness aimed at disparaging HH and playing Lusambo’s banjo!


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