HH ‘faking’ police call out as no one summoned him

A STATEMENT by Hakainde Hichilema describing an alleged Inspector General call out as “STUPID” has incensed police who have objected to the language and have revealed that no such call out exists.

“HH wants to create an impression that he has rejected a police summon but no such summons by the IG existed,’’ the police have said.

Police said they had not summoned the UPND leader, but he wanted to create an impression that he had spurned police summon when in fact not.
This follows lamentations by the UPND president that he would not answer to any ‘stupid’ call out from the police whom he claimed had summoned him or appear before them.

“We watched the video where was saying those things,” Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo said.
Ms Katongo, however, insisted that Mr Hichilema was not among UPND officials who had been summoned for questioning.

She wondered why a person who had not be summoned would claim to refuse to appear before the law enforcement officers. Ms Katongo said Mr Hichilema just wanted to create a picture that he refused a police summon.

She explained that police were waiting for UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament (MP)Romeo Kango’mbe to appear before the police command in Muchinga province.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Ms Katongo wondered why Mr Hichilema wanted to paint a picture of having refused to honour a police call out, when he had not been summoned.

Ms Katongo advised the general public not to think as if Mr Hichilema had refused to appear before the police, because no one had summoned him.

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