HH Should Retire – Mutale Nalumango


United Party for National Development National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango says the National Executive Committee (NEC) has resolved to retire it’s party President Hakainde Hichilema.

Ms Nalumango says the party cannot have Mr Hichilema as its Presidential candidate in next years General election.

“We have been in opposition for many years and it’s just prudent that party shows improvement every year but this hasn’t been the case, that’s why we are now calling for Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to retire to save the party”

The National Chairperson said the party is not in a hurry to name the new President.

Meanwhile, UPND youth Chairperson Gildbert Liswaniso says youths across the country are also calling for the removal of their party President and Secretary General Stephen Katuka.

Mr Liswaniso says Mr Hichilema and Mr Katuka continued stay will destroy the party.

“Ours is a just call we love President Hichilema and our Secretary General but they have failed to grow the party instead we have lost seats especially in our strongholds. The loss of Mwanasabobwe, Lukashya and Ward sears in our strongholds is a wake up that we need change our team if we want to win next years general election”

The UPND Youth Chairperson further said the Youths will on Monday 21st September, 2020 present a petition to the National Management Council.

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