By: Marvin Chanda Mberi (Law Scholar)
We wish to congratulate the mighty Patriotic Front party which is led by the able and fit leader of the Christian and Democratic Republic of Zambia President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the resounding victory in the just ended by- elections.

We have taken note that the oldest existing opposition party in Africa has lost grip and hold of Western province.

Reality is slowly dawning on six time loosing Presidential candidate Hakahinde Sammy Hichilema and his faint dream of ever becoming President is shrinking and the ray of hope of ever becoming a President is withering away like the sun setting in that horizon during dusk.

Indeed the outstanding results and the substantial chunk of support base that has tilted toward PF in Western Province is owing to the fact the PF is becoming the organization of mass movement.

The PF is now a fully fledged national party and membership cuts across the regional barriers. Indeed the people of western province have realized how faithfully the PF has fulfilled every vow it made during the run up to 2016 elections.

Indeed the political shutting down of UPND life President Hakahinde Hichilema is dawning.

It is not a secret that Western province has two UPND structures and there is one faction loyal to HH and the other one loyal to Honorable Garry Nkombo. We therefore invite all the UPND that are displeased with the divisive leadership in UPND to join the united front less by ECL.

We further wish to assure the electorates that President Lungu and the PF will not betray the trust which has been reposed through the voice of the electorates.

Bally has been fixed in 5 out of six wards that were held by his party and this is a vote of no confidence in his failed leadership. Mr Hichilema should do the Honorable thing by respecting the will of the people and tender his resignation.

We also believe that this defeat is a learning curve for the UPND to concede the anticipated defeat in 2021.

Once more congratulations to PF and ECL for being results oriented.

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