The Ruling Patriotic Front has told UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to stop accusing it of buying his counselors in Western Province.

Speaking during Hot FM’s Hot Seat radio program, Party Media Director Mr. Sunday Chanda has explained that Hichilema’s structures in the Province are crumbling because his councilors are fatigued with his type of leadership.

He said the PF did not have the resources to undertake such schemes.

He however indicated that UPND should expect more of its members of parliament to resign next year because they are fed up with Hichilema’s leadership.

He said most of them have openly stated that they will ditch the longest party in opposition (UPND) because Hichilema has been treating them like children .

Meanwhile Mr. Chanda has cemented the Party’s respect for Media Freedoms in the country, by condemning all acts of violence against media houses perpetrated by the opposition political party .

He further advised the opposition to stop using the COVID-19 situation in the country to stop foster their political agenda.

He said if Hakainde meant well for the country he’d have come up with ways to encourage and sensitize people in Muchinga province about COVID-19 rather than playing his usual politics when people were facing challenges paused by the pandemic.

And speaking during the phone-in Segment Party Deputy Secretary General Hon. Mumbi Phiri has urged politicians to stop politicking in the wake of the deadly corona virus.

She said she found it appalling that Hichilema would ignore the feelings of the people by paying for radio programs just to politick in areas that are on total lock down .

The Deputy Secretary General lamented how she could not proceed with featured radio programs because of having appreciated the people’s distress and concerns amid COVID-19 .

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