HH must learn from this very interesting article about Late President MC Sata by Simukoko

He is a man who never had pride, a man who wanted the development of the nation and a man who never wanted to see a youth suffering!

Mr Sata had money but he never wanted to spend any how. He understood the importance of saving, this man is a man I will remember forever.

Mr Sata is a man who was telling the truth, many people doubted him and nobody thought that he can be a President. God lifts people from nobodies to somebodies.

He had cars but he chose to move in a bus.


Because he wanted to feel the suffering of his people. He had a lot of money but he was buying food from common markets.


Because he wanted to taste the food of the poor.

Mr Sata he is a person who had no boasting, but his aim was to make sure every Zambian gets an opportunity.

Sir we choose to remember you forever.

You may have money, assets and everything. Remember you are on earth to serve people, you can serve people even if you are not a president.

Hear the cries of the youths! help them achieve their goals.

Mr Sata had everything but he chose to move in a bus so that he can feel how public transport was doing, he would at times use it as an interaction facet and at times as a tool to use to give to the poor.

He had money but he could not buy food from hotels or rich men/ woman big business houses but he bought from a person striving to get an income.

Everything you did Mr president I will imitate them forever not as a politician but as a youth advocate.

And I know my God will be with me as I inspire every youth and every person who has no hope about tomorrow.

Mr president you were sent by God and I know you are in a nice and better place where ever you are. How I wish every person has the heart that you had!

Rest in peace Mr president ( Michael chilufya Sata).

By: Lazarous Simukoko – Youth Advocate



  1. Sata was also good at politicking more of the same school as Imbwili! He was a shrewd politician and he too maximized whatever appealed to the gallery! He was a populist politician! That HH ‘must’ learn from Sata…….it’s debatable but no harm in copying the harmless positives!


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